Adamele Hoeder
17 Jul : 16:30  by Administrator
We are glad to announce a new member to Christian Friendly Products. Adamele Hoender will be carrying the CFP logo now. They are situated in Riverdal in the Western Cape and we hope to see them grow so that we can see their products countrywide. Please look out for their label or our logo on their Chicken products and support them.

Aartappelland joins the Christian trademark
11 Jun : 18:29  by Administrator
Here is some very good news to all living in Despatch or neighboring areas. Aartappelland just joined us and will be carrying the Christian Friendly logo on some of their products. For all our supporters in this area we would like to invite you to visit Aartappelland and support them. For those further away we would like to ask two prayer requests. The first to thank God for Aartappelland and the second that He would bless and protect them. By Supporting them others might see them blessing on this business and join in.

Spar branded products
11 Apr : 00:09  by Administrator

Recently a lot of attention fell on Spar branded products. Since the Spar website seemingly indicated that most of the Spar branded products were halaal a lot of people was very angry with Spar. The reason for this was that people were buying Spar branded products for the simple reason that it was not halaal certified. With this discovery on their website many felt deceived by Spar. After a lot of reaction from people Spar contacted us to clarify this. It was explained that they do not pay any halaal certification on any of their products. Our concern was if they could assure us that the products are not certified by the producers of these products that Spar just added their label too. After some talk with the marketing director of Spar (Mike Prentice)he said that he would have to find that out from their suppliers. The problem with products being halaal certified is that a royalty was already paid to the halaal certifying bodies which is in turn added to the cost of the product and then when Spar would buy those products the halaal cost would be covered without Spar's knowledge. Eventually the consumer cover the cost. Spar could be a victim in this as much as the Christian consumer if these companies are in fact halaal certified. A lot of angry words went in Spar's direction the last few days, but Mike said that he would get to the bottom of it for us and inform us if any of the products are in fact halaal certified. We would like to thank Spar for doing this and we hope to hear from Spar soon.
Butchery drops its Halaal certification
17 Jan : 15:12  by Administrator

The company "KAROO-OCHSE" has dropped its Halaal certification. Please visit them and support them at:
Interesting (audio only) radio talk in Australia on halaal
17 Jan : 10:06  by Administrator
Australian speaking about halaal
15 Dec : 09:47  by Administrator
This short video is a must watch! Since the halaal issue is a global one or rather one the "Christian\Western world faces we hear this testimony from an Australian man. This video is an extract from a longer one, but I took this short clip from it. To watch the full one visit the link below.

Halaal funds support Islamic missions
26 Nov : 12:47  by Administrator
For those who are still not convinced and want that proof that halaal certifying bodies is all for the Islamizing of countries it is worth while to read what they post themselves on their websites as with the link below.
"The MJC is divided into various divisions and departments, namely, Administration, Arbitration/Mediation, Da’wah (Da‘wah also transliterated daawa(h); Arabic: دعوة "invitation" means the proselytizing or preaching of Islam(
, Education, Fataawa, Finance, Halaal Certification & Monitoring, Muslim Personal Law, Presidency,Secretariat and Social Services"

Note that they are all for Da'wah. So, by buying these products we are the financial supporters of loads of Islamic missionaries in South Africa and as they also mention across the borders of SA. As believers in Christ we should be doing the opposite. Go out into the world and proclaim the Gospel of Christ it is said. Not that of islam.
Our Daniel fast on Halaal
30 Oct : 10:57  by Administrator
Halal debate in England between MP and Muslim sertifying halal body.
10 Oct : 12:09  by Administrator
Halal: England article
10 Oct : 11:44  by Administrator

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