Halaal funds support Islamic missions
26 Nov : 12:47  by Administrator
For those who are still not convinced and want that proof that halaal certifying bodies is all for the Islamizing of countries it is worth while to read what they post themselves on their websites as with the link below.
"The MJC is divided into various divisions and departments, namely, Administration, Arbitration/Mediation, Da’wah (Da‘wah also transliterated daawa(h); Arabic: دعوة "invitation" means the proselytizing or preaching of Islam(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dawah)
, Education, Fataawa, Finance, Halaal Certification & Monitoring, Muslim Personal Law, Presidency,Secretariat and Social Services"

Note that they are all for Da'wah. So, by buying these products we are the financial supporters of loads of Islamic missionaries in South Africa and as they also mention across the borders of SA. As believers in Christ we should be doing the opposite. Go out into the world and proclaim the Gospel of Christ it is said. Not that of islam.


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